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Biotechnology organization. In addition, it includes a collaboration and cross-license of delivery technology between the two companies, and a medication discovery collaboration on particular RNAi targets. Alnylam also offers the right to opt-in and co-develop and co-commercialize Takeda RNAi therapeutic programs in the U.S. Market on a 50-50 basis; the opt-in right could be exercised up until the start of Phase III scientific trials.. Alnylam Pharmaceuticals earns $20M technology transfer payment from Takeda Pharmaceutical Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.His team will explore how HPS fibroblasts change from those in normal lungs and whether treatment could make them behave like regular fibroblasts. These research will become performed in zebrafish embryos, a new model for studying HPS pulmonary fibrosis which might have use in subsequent research assessing the effectiveness of new remedies. The researchers may also explore whether measurement of proteins derived from HPS fibroblasts in the bloodstream of HPS sufferers can predict disease severity. Our research will not only help recognize new treatment targets for this devastating disease but our new disease model will help in future study attempts, says Dr.