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Ashutosh Pudage, President – Bioanalytical on Accutest's accomplishments. First-class quality, adherence to timelines and competitive costs are the three pillars of an effective CRO. During a preceding expansion phase, Accutest opened up offices in the US and in the Netherlands. By adding emerging countries, especially in Latin America and in Asia, Accutest shall gain additional benefits which is offered to its vast client base.. Accutest makes strategic expansion into Latin America to support the growth of pharmaceutical sector Accutest Research Laboratories, a leading global Contract Research Corporation , further pursues its strategic expansion into Latin America by starting offices and establishing operational presence in Brazil.13 in the journal mBio. Because caramel includes a low amount of drinking water and apples are acidic, neither are normal breeding grounds for listeria, explained study author Kathleen Glass, associate director of the Food Study Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Nevertheless, piercing an apple with a dipping stick causes a bit of apple juice to leak out and become trapped below a layer of caramel, creating a host that aids the growth of listeria currently present about the apple’s surface, Glass explained. This growth occurs a lot more quickly whenever a caramel apple is stored at room temperature in comparison to refrigeration, she said.