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Results RT-PCR, Sequence Alignment, and Immunologic Analysis RT-PCR which used the primer models for rotavirus genes 6 and 10 resulted in isolation of DNA products for all specimens tested: both lots of RV5, stool samples obtained from all three case individuals, and for a serum sample, obtained 30 days after the stool specimens were collected, from Patient 1 . Gene 6 amplicons isolated from the stool samples from each individual were similar in size to those from the vaccine . The two lots of RV5 yielded identical sequences for every of the two genes tested .Barzillai. ‘The ability to remotely access pictures on the internet with its built-in browser, the actual fact that segments are not needed for different studies, and that ‘hanging protocols’ could be personalized to the average person Radiologist make the CDP PACS system a powerful tool for any Radiology practice. The systems also complement each other perfectly,’ Mr. Barzillai noted. Man Weinberg, CDP’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated, ‘CDP’s PACS produces amazing images with layering capabilities that have to be seen to be valued. The full-highlighted viewer and the system’s 3-D displays are remarkable. Equally as remarkable may be the affordable price point for a solution such as this.’ Mr.