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The Commission has recently also taking new measures to address the social aspects of air safety and to ensure that airline staff are properly qualified proposed.

In particular, this requires the participation of EASA in the coordination of control activities and the administration of the collected information .

Launched The European Aviation Security Agency created by Regulation 1592/2002 in September 2002. Its aim is to promote a consistently high level of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation sector. The EU therefore has exclusive competence in areas such as airworthiness and environmental certification of aircraft and related parts and equipment.Health Care Programs, United States – by the Senate approved on Thursday to be approved resources the Committee 28-0 IN 83 billion U.S. Dollars in fiscal year 2006 Appropriations bill. would address the Department of Veterans Affairs and military construction programs which invited the Bush administration is by two billion U.S. Dollars, a fiscal deficit in the VA healthcare programs, CQ Today reports . President Bush last week asked Congress for $ 1980000000 in order to address the budget deficit on Inc. Healthcare programs. Inc. Secretary James Nicholson and other department civil servants to obtain of June before Congress that the fiscal deficit for healthcare programs might at least $ 1 billion euros in fiscal year 2005 and at least $ 2.6 billion in fiscal year 2006.

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Senate Bill standing In order Military Health Benefits Together News extend passes, the Senate on the Thursday via voice match to change to a $ 441,000 FY 2006 Department of Defence Authorization Bill, e – military health benefits National Guard members and reservists will extended the stage to a major debate with rental members when laws move the Conciliation Committee, CongressDaily reviews. The amendment, sponsored of Sens. Lindsey Graham and Hillary Rodham Clinton could, National Guard members and reservists. Not in service, and its families who enroll in Tricare to an additional fee The house is version of the law does not involve the modification House Armed Services.