000 cases of refrigerated ready-to-eat salads recalled About 109.

The recall totals about 23,000 pounds of food, based on the U.S. Division of Agriculture’s Food Basic safety and Inspection Service. Expiration dates range between 10/23/13 to 3/17/14 – – a full list of products and UPC codes can be found on Reser’s website. Reser’s Great Foods is situated in Beaverton, Ore., but the products in question were manufactured at a Topeka, Kan. Processing plant. The nagging problem was found out through testing conducted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. A traceback investigation and follow-up testing by FDA at the facility determined there was potential cross contamination of items with listeria from product contact surfaces. People who are worried about disease after eating these products should get in touch with their doctor..If other research confirms the findings of the study, then you will have implications for policy. The researchers say that, for example, banning alcohol commercials might lead to lower drinking levels at home. Although we obviously usually do not argue for ban of alcoholic beverages portrayals in movies, it might be a concept to warn people explicitly, and especially parents, that movies contain alcohol portrayals and that these alcoholic beverages portrayals affect drinking straight, they compose. They conclude: Implications of these findings could be that, if moderation of alcoholic beverages consumption in certain groups is strived for, it might be sensible to lessen the portrayal of alcoholic beverages in programmes aimed at these groups and the commercials shown among.